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CAD Software:

We only offer one CAD program, TurboCAD®.  TurboCAD® is a great tool for learning CAD.  We offer discounted prices for a combination kit that include TurboCAD® Student Edition and Practical Drafting™ when you purchase them directly from us.  All software orders are final.  If the product is damaged in shipping, please contact us right away.  We exchange only for items that may arrive damaged.


TurboCAD® Student Edition by IMSI®:

TurboCAD® is a great starting point for learning to use CAD programs.  Being able to do both 2D & 3D drawings as well as true 3D solids modeling, it gives the student a good foundation for going on to use other CAD programs.  We recommend TurboCAD® for beginning students because of its ease of use, easy to follow and understand student guides, and documentation.  TurboCAD® uses a graphical interface that is clear and simple to use.  It is also a great tool for any personal project!  Please note that TurboCAD is not available for shipment to all countries. 


New Updated Version!

> AutoCAD® file compatible

> Student Edition in this case simply means that it is one revision behind the commercial version.  There are no built in limitations or watermarks.

> Provided with two books that teach TurboCAD

        -Module 1 teaches 2D TurboCAD with interactive lessons on CD

        -Module 2 teaches 3D TurboCAD with interactive lessons on CD

System Requirements (may change without notice):

-Pentium IV processor

-Microsoft® Windows® XP 512 MB RAM

-Microsoft® Vista 1 GB RAM

-Microsoft® 7 1 GB RAM

-300 MB of free hard disk space depending on accessory applications installed

-64+ MB of swap space

-Super VGA (1024x768) display

-High Color (16bit) graphics card

-DVD-ROM drive



Format: CD & paperback

Item number: TCAD

Price: US$150

Order Now!:  Order Direct!    accepted by phone or fax

Downloads: (acrobat reader is required)

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